So, yesterday i was relaxing on my laptop and watching some funny cat videos on YouTube, i get a recommendation about a guy who makes some videos with the title “Before You Buy”, and let me tell you this. The guy is 100% correct.

I always discourage vehicle owners to connect with manufacturers or detailers that say only good things about ceramic coatings, and the past few weeks we’ve been doin’ the same mistake as them.

Today, we are not here to tell you how great nano coatings are but to outline some of the most popular myths and drawbacks, that are hard to find.

Without further ado, let the games begin!

Do Ceramic coatings Prevent Damage From Rock Chips

Resistance To Rock Chips

One of the biggest misconceptions about ceramic coatings is that if you have ceramic coated your vehicle, it becomes resistant to rock chip damage. Don’t get me wrong, nano coatings are incredibly strong and bond with your vehicle’s clear coat perfectly, but they aren’t invincible.

Anyhow, in order for a paint protection solution to be rock chip-resistant, it must be pliable, or soft enough to absorb the impact without damaging the protection itself.

And that’s when the Paint Protection Film comes in. Made out of polymer, it absorbs the impact of rocks chips and with its ‘self-healing’ properties it’ll come back to its original form. However, if the rock is big, it’s definitely going to penetrate it and hit your car’s paint.

Protection Against Chemical Damage

This is partially true. The overall durability of a ceramic coating will definitely shield your precious surfaces against harsh chemicals. Though, highly acidic chemicals and other agents that are made to melt iron will definitely destroy your coated vehicle, Pro or DIY.

However, if you want the maximum protection against chemical damage, go for the Pro-Grade nano coating, in which you can apply multiple layers of protection.


Ceramic Coatings Are Self-Healing 

A nanotechnological ceramic protection is NOT self-healing. No matter the grade, the level of damage, or the layers applied, a nanoceramic coating can not self-heal to its original form.

If you are looking for a self-healing paint protection, consider applying a Paint Protection Film.

From our experience and reviews, one of the greatest options out there is Kavaca by Ceramic Pro.

Nano Coating Will Last Forever

Many nano coating manufacturers and professional installers will claim that a professional-grade coating will last forever, but this is not true.

While DIY nanoceramic coatings can last up to 5 years, a Pro-Grade can exceed 10 years, but there’s a catch.

See, most pro-grade manufacturers have the so-called “warranty packages” in which they include the lifetime warranty package.

This doesn’t mean that your coating will last forever.

To be precise, this means that you have a lifetime warranty on maintaining and repairing the coating.

For example, after an extended period of time, all coatings start to wear off, thus, having a lifetime warranty package means that you can visit the ceramic coating company and repair your existing.

In short, nanocoatings don’t last forever, but purchasing a lifetime warranty package ensures that your existing coating will be forever repaired.


You Will Not Need To Wax A Ceramic Coated Vehicle 

Applying wax on a ceramic coated vehicle is not a good idea, especially if the coating is freshly installed. There are specific products out there that are made specifically for ceramic coatings, like SiO2 boosters.

We have a cool article you should check out: Can You Apply Wax On A Ceramic Coating?


You Vehicle Will Become Invincible

First of all, let’s talk about terminology. Scratch-resistance means that an element’s hardness is able to absorb damage by a sharp object to a certain grade, while scratch-proof means that it can not be damaged by any sharp object at any grade.  Now, a ceramic coating is scratch-resistant up to 9H, but it’s not scratch-proof.

Most of the time, users make scratches by washing and maintaining the vehicle wrongly, but thankfully we offer a lot of free detailing tips that can help you do the job the right way, without making any scratches.

In short, nano coatings are not made from vibranium.

How to wash the exterior of your car

Washing & Maintenance Is No Longer Necessary

Some people out there will tell you that once you’ve applied a ceramic coating, the need for maintenance is no more. That’s 100% false.

On the contrary, properly maintaining your vehicle guarantees your coating’s proper functionality and extends its lifespan.

The key thing to always keep your coating in shape is by washing it, and you can do that by following the simple three-bucket method.

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