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So, you bought your new BBS and want to know more about the ceramic coating on wheels?

Then you are in the right place!

Wheels are one of our favorite parts of a car.

Yes, you know what I mean. After the washing we sit and fool around, thinking about how perfect they are.

But wouldn’t it suck to scratch them?

Isn’t it tedious every time you wash your car, to take like forever to clean them?

With ceramic coating on wheels, these struggles belong to the past!

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Why Should You Apply  Nano Coating On Your Wheels

Why nano coat your wheels? Here are 3 key reasons.

Rims are sensitive
Because wheels are the lowest part of your car, they are particularly vulnerable to damage from road threats. Plus, your wheelbase is literally a breath from your brakes. This means that when the pads press against the discs, the brake dust can easily get stuck to your wheels.

They are difficult to clean
When brake dust bonds with your wheels, it is not easy to remove it. Often, the washing techniques used to remove dirt from the outside of your car are not enough to thoroughly clean the wheels. Also, the rims have curves and hidden spots, making them difficult to clean.
This is where the ceramic coating, which applies a hydrophobic invisible layer that does not allow the dirt to penetrate the pores and “sit” on the rim.

Preserve their color
Who does not want their wheels to look like new for 5 years? With nano coating you can keep your wheel’s like new! Due to the invisible layer it creates, the ceramic coating protects your wheels from water, salts and scratches from 3 to 5 years!


Supplies Required

Before we start, you should grab the supplies from our list below:

    • A car jack: It’s highly recommended to remove the wheels before applying the ceramic coating.
    • Tools to remove wheels from the hub
    • A wax-stripping car shampoo: It removes any previous substances and creates a smooth surface.
    • A shaded areaIt’s suggested to work in a shaded area because UV rays can interfere with the application.
    • A ceramic coating kit: You can choose the right nanocoating for you from our complete list on the best DIY ceramic coatings of 2020.

The Preparation

Look, you don’t have to remove the wheels but we recommend it because:

  • It’s going to be extremely hard to remove contaminants.
  • It’s a lot more precise and the nanoceramic coating will be applied everywhere, even on the hidden spots.
  • If you apply a ceramic coating on the wheels without washing them first, the result will disappoint you.
  • If you accidentally coat the brake system, it’ll eventually lead to brake failure.

Now, every wheel has its own dirt and contaminants, such as brake dust, but generally, the below steps can do the job:

Use A Wheel Cleaning Agent
Purchase a wheel cleaner
and spray the entire wheel, front and back. Apply a generous amount of product mostly on the backside of the wheel and let it sit for 1 minute. After that, grab your soft-bristle brush and gently scrub the wheels. Occasionally, rinse the brush in order to remove the dirt and continue on. Finally, rinse the wheels and dry them with a microfiber towel.

Use A Proper Car Shampoo
Don’t want to use a wheel cleaner because it contains many harmful chemicals? No problem, simply buy a neutral pH car shampoo with wax-stripping properties.

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)
Once you’ve completed the washing part, it’s time for the IPA. Spray the wheels and gently wipe the product off with a microfiber towel.

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How To Apply Ceramic Coating On Wheels

It’s crucial to remove the wheels before applying the ceramic coating because you don’t want it to be applied in an unwanted surface.

CAUTION: Do Not Apply On Bolt Holes or Lug Nuts

Applying a nano coating on the wheels is not different than applying it on paint, glass, or plastic trim.

However, here are a few tips:

  1. Apply the coating from the inside-out.
  2. Follow precisely the manufacturer’s manual.
  3. Apply 13 drops on the application sponge and start applying from left to right, then top to bottom in a two-foot section.
  4. Let the coating “sit” for a few minutes and gently buff the coated surfaces with a microfiber towel.
  5. Once you finished, place a large towel on the wheels and store them somewhere indoors for 24 hours.

If you make a mistake, check this out: How To Remove Ceramic Coating

The Curing Process

Once you’re finished nano-coating your wheels, leave them indoors for at least 24 hours, in order to let them cure.

When the curing phase ends, put your wheels back on and tighten up the lug nuts.

Congrats, you are ready!

How To Keep Your Wheels Clean

Alrighty, so, you’ve applied your ceramic coating on your beautiful wheels and now you want to know how to properly wash them.

Washing is the key to maintaining your nanocoating, but it’s a lot different to coated surface and a non-coated.

Wash your wheels like you always do, but NEVER:

  • Use an iron remover or wheel cleaning agent.
  • Use foam cleaners or degreasers.

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