Ceramic coatings are the sworn enemy of the automotive industry. Imagine that you create something with precision and high-quality materials, and someday, someone comes, takes your baby creation, and enhances it to the maximum. The truth? I would be pissed off.

That’s why manufacturers expand their NOT-TO-DO list every year.

Thankfully, applying a ceramic coating isn’t one of them. Well, sort of.

It is impossible for us to provide you an absolute answer because each and every manufacturer defines his own legal definitions and standards that are covered under a manufacturing warranty.

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Why A Ceramic Coating May Void a Manufacturer Warranty

Let’s start by saying what does your warranty covers, at least in the US:

Let’s start with the bumper-to-bumper warranty, while it’s one of the most common amongst the vehicle manufacturers. The standard bumper-to-bumper warranty lasts 3-years or 36,000 miles.

This warrant may include:

  • Major car systems
  • A/C and heating
  • Electrical parts
  • Steering
  • Safety features

Powertrain Warranty
A more advanced option is the powertrain warranty. Most of them are 5-years or 60,000 miles and some can last up to 100,000 or 10-years. Although every vehicle is unique, this warranty commonly covers:

  • Mechanical Components
  • Transmission
  • Axles
  • Drive Shaft(s)
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Transfer Case

Corrosion Warranty
This warranty is about today’s article. It is commonly known that having a corrosion warranty means that any corrosion or rust that appears on your vehicle will be covered by the dealership.

As we said before, every manufacturer defines his own rules. However, after research, there aren’t any known dealerships saying that a ceramic coating will void your warranty.

What Is Not Covered By The Warranty

In short, a warranty will void when you swap a manufacturer’s part with a foreign.

It is crucial to read the entire warranty before you continue on buying a vehicle and always remember that every single manufacturer has different terms and conditions.

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Do Ceramic Coatings Void Manufacturer’s Warranty?

As we said before, we can’t give you a clear answer for that.

If there’ll be a problem, it’ll be with the powertrain warranty, because if you’ve purchased a warranty that covers the corrosion of your vehicle, the manufacturer may consider it as void.


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