Hi there folks and welcome to this amazing guide on how to properly wash your car!

We all want our cars to shine and be as clean as possible, but have you ever wondered if you’re doing the things correctly?

On this amazing guide, we will explain to you step-by-step the process of car washing by making sure that you use the correct car shampoos, the right methods, and many more!

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How to clean the inside of your car

Before you start washing the car, you must first clean the inside. Most people do the opposite but they face a major problem. Any dirt that’s left on the interior may stick on the exterior and you know what that means, don’t you?

  1. Throw your stuff
    Your car is not a garage. First of all, remove any garbage and other filthy stuff your car has. You don’t want bad smells and rotten foods to contaminate your precious vehicle, so grab and bag and throw away all the garbage. It’s very important to remove everything, in order to clean your car correctly.
  2. Clean the central dashboard
    Moisture a microfiber cloth and start wiping out the dust of your central console. Don’t forget to use all eight surfaces of your cloth in order to remove the dirt and not transferring it from one place to another. Grab a paintbrush and start cleaning the places that cloth can’t, like buttons and AC ventilators. Also, you can use a car dashboard polishing spray in order to protect and maintain it’s shine.
  3. Clean the seats and upholstery
    Remove the floor mats and seat covers. After that, grab your vacuum and start the “real” cleaning. Start vacuuming the ceiling of your car and finally work your way down to the floor. Once you are done with the vacuum, wash your mats and let them dry before placing them back in. Also, if some marks are persistent, use a stain remover for a better result.
  4. Clean the inside windows
    Use an ammonia-based cleaning spay and apply some on the inside of your windows. With a clean microfiber cloth wipe the windows until they are completely clean. Do the exact same process on the windshield.
  5. Summarise
    Open the doors of your car and let the air do its part. If you are a smoker you should consider installing an air-freshener or if you simply like your car to smell nice. Finally, put everything back in and you’re ready to go!

The prep work

We are finally here! Before you start though you’ll need some things:

  • 3 Empty Buckets
  • 3 Microfiber Cloths
  • 2 Car Sponges
  • A bottle of car windows cleaner
  • A car shampoo

Prepare three buckets. One will contain soapy water, one only water, and the last one you cleaning product with water just for the wheels.

How to clean your car wheels
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How to clean your car wheels

Alrighty, let us begin! The first part you should wash is the rims. Use the third bucket and with a sponge, start washing the wheels. Be careful not to wash the tires because they could spray the cleaning product on the paint. Pay attention to the hidden spots and curved areas, because this is where the most dirt gets stuck on. After you finish, wash away the soap with the water-only bucket.

For more information on wheel cleaning, read this step-by-step guide.

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Wash the headlights

After an extended period of time, your clear plastic headlights will turn yellow. This annoying effect can really ruin your car’s overall appearance.

Don’t worry mate! That’s why headlight restoration kits are for.

Headlight restoration kits can restore the clear looks of your headlights and also offer them a UV protection.

If you don’t want to restore them, simply moisture cloth and wipe the dirt off.

How to wash the exterior of your car
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How to wash the exterior of your car

And that’s where the soapy-water bucket comes in.  Follow the below steps:

  • Hose off the car to loosen and soften the dirt.
  • Soak your sponge on the bucket
  • Start washing your car by dividing it into sections. For example, wash the roof and then rinse it, after continue on the luggage compartment, the doors, the hood, etc.
  • Once finished, rinse the entire car.
  • Finally, take a dry microfiber cloth and drain the water of your car’s surfaces.

If you have a problem with the brake dust, check out this article on how to remove brake dust from car paint.

For optimal results use a proper car shampoo because dishwashing soap can really damage your wax or even paint.

Pro Tip: Start with the roof because the soap will fall down into other parts of your car.

How to clean your car's windows

How to clean your car’s windows

The process is simple. Grab a window cleaning spray and apply some on the windows. Using a clean microfiber cloth wipe the windows until they are clean. If your car’s glasses are suffering from oxidation, check out our article on how to remove oxidation from glass.

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